This site is meant to be funny, light-hearted and relatively unoffensive. I understand that even mere suggestion of phalli can be considered as offensive to many, so if you find yourself in this group, you may want to seek enlightenment elsewhere.

However, pornography, violence, political agendas, or the exploitation of people in any disposition (other than ignorance of course) is totally unacceptable. Don’t even bother sending something in that is actually pornographic or debases someone in any way.

All submissions should be something that would be safe to view at work and something a kid could technically view as long as he didn’t get it.

Don’t be mad if your submissions aren’t chosen. We have lives outside of this site and are probably getting bombarded with submissions to sort through. It took me 1 year once to get to post the crap I sent them and they probably have a whole crew of people on there doing this.

please send all submissions to

no files over 600k please. Take pride in your work, don’t submit stuff that has other site logos on it. Try to at least pretend you found it yourself.

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