Natural Aphrodisiacs: Eating Your Own Way to Having Better Sex

In case if both you and your significant other are totally happy with your current sex life but still occasionally get bored, uninterested or have a somewhat hard time getting in the mood for sex, you may actually want to consider turning your focus towards the kitchen. And we’re certainly not talking about having sex right on the dining room table (after all, that's not such a bad idea if you’re looking for a solid way to spice things up). Instead, there is quite a number of healthy foods that are proven to stimulate sexual desire in both men and women.

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• One of such treats is chocolate, a traditional win-win gift for any woman from her male partner, and perhaps for a pretty good reason. In addition to being rich, insanely delicious and coming with a silky texture, chocolate is also known to contain a chemical called phenylethylamine, which most modern researchers believe makes exactly the same compound that causes that warm tingly, feeling of falling for someone. What’s more, studies tend to demonstrate that consuming this cocoa-based product stimulates the production of hormones called endorphins in our brain.

• The undeniable aphrodisiac power of raw oysters has been debated in the recent years. With that, some scientists have suggested that the effect itself tends to stem purely from the seafood's pretty much suggestive appearance, while a number of other researchers believe that a specific chemical compound stimulates the increased production of both estrogen and testosterone.

• Tomatoes are oftentimes referred to as the "apples of love," perhaps because of the texture of these vegetables or even the fact that the acids tomatoes contain stimulate blood flow to mouth and lips. Additionally, some researches have shown that tomatoes can also enhance sexual performance as well as improve genital muscles control.

• Good news for all guacamole-lovers out there: the vitamin E detected in avocados is an all-natural antioxidant that actually does more than just promoting healthy skin as it also increases arousal and makes orgasms brighter and more durable.

One of many pros of these foods is that all of them are a completely safe, non-pharmaceutical treat to help get blood flowing faster to your waist area. In this vein, these products might even be considered as alternative medicines. Nevertheless, supplements claiming to be enhancing sexual arousal or performance must be avoided.

For example, Spanish fly, which comes in the form of the extract of a particular beetle, might be causing kidney damage or even gastrointestinal bleeding. Among others, some modern-day supplements that are usually labeled "100% natural" may not be all that truthful in their claims, as, for instance, the active Viagra component called sildenafil has been found in them.

Crowning it all, always consult your healthcare specialist before purchasing and taking any over-the-counter compounds and other treatments for sexual enhancement.

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