Man Accused of Criminal Sexual Assault Faces New Charges

Authorities in Chicago have added new charges to a 33-year-old mister who had beforehand bot defendant like jailbird sexual assault. Officials say that the initial charge was the result regarding the man allegedly breaking into a woman’s estate and raping her. The additional charges came when newer allegations from three other women arose indicating that the boyfriend had yet broken into their homes and photographed them as they slept.

Now, in increase to the criminal sexual assault charge associated with the alleged rape, the man is also charged near burglary, home invasion, and desperado sexual abuse. The man will soon appear at a hearing on the new charges, though it was not known whether or not he had retained the services of a criminal defense attorney in connection with the new charges.

Obviously, the charge of illicit sexual assault, or rape, is a very serious one, and the penalties upon a conviction are equally severe besides serious. If you have been accused by criminal amative assault, you should understand the magnitude of what a conviction will mean. Not only does a opinion for criminal sexual assault usually mean a prison sentence, probation is not even ordinarily an option. On top of the threat of incarceration, there is the reality that upon release, you necessity register as a sex offender, so the odium about such a conviction will follow you forever.

Because a conviction of criminal sexual assault will negatively impact the relaxation of your life, it is not something that you want to dismiss casually or crack to deal with on your own. Rather, you will want to work with the very best, most capable criminal defense attorney available consequently that you have the best possible opportunity of clearing your name, protecting your future, retaining your freedom, and ensuring that your rights are upheld. Your attorney should comprise a history of success in handling evildoer sexual assault cases.

There are multitudinous reasons as to why Chicago law enforcement might have filed criminal sexual assault charges against you, and your criminal defense attorney will weigh every aspect of your case to get to the bottom of what happened and provide you with the kind about high-quality defense to which you are entitled. When you need a preservation that you can minion astride to assert your rights and protect your freedoms, you need to rely on a Chicago defense attorney who has the legal experience and knowledge to aggressively defend you and to argue on your behalf. Aansluiting a defense attorney today to get the abet you need if you are facing charges for Chicago for criminal loving assault.

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